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FLEX and Enrichment

The FLEX period in the Maclay Upper School was created to help students with time and balance. Whether you have an internship, a specialized training session, or a meeting for one of our specialized courses in science or SAT prep, the FLEX period allows students to reap the benefits of a customized curriculum.

Examples of FLEX Enrichment Courses

Stock Market Simulation
Theater Arts and Production Studio



Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Oct 29
Mon, Oct 30
Wed, Nov 1
Fri, Nov 3
Sat, Nov 4
Sun, Nov 19
Mon, Nov 20
Tue, Nov 21
Wed, Nov 22
Thu, Nov 23
Fri, Nov 24
Sat, Nov 25

Calendar & Category Legend:

  • US A/B Calendar 22-23 1st Semester
    • A Day
    • B Day
  • US A/B Calendar 22-23 2nd Semester
    • A Day
    • B Day