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The future begins right here.


By tailoring studies and school experiences to fit individual needs and interests, Maclay’s Upper School equips students for the demands of college life. This hard work is rewarded -- almost all of our Upper School students attend their first or second choice college after graduation.

Our Voices

A One School Community is one of the most unique things at Maclay School.

Our Voices

We want students to discover their passion.

"Maclay is a very challenging school but that has ultimately led me to challenge myself to be the best student I can be."

How do you know you’re on the right path? By first exploring the possibilities in front of you.

That’s our philosophy in Maclay’s Upper School, where students discover their potential and explore their options through a unique combination of academic preparation, community involvement, and personal growth. 

2022-23 Curriculum Guide

College Prep Curriculum

Whether you are on an AP or Honors track, the student:teacher partnership is a core element to seeing our students succeed.

Maclay's unique Academic Concentrations allow students to pursue their passions and interests with their core and elective course structure.  

Academic Concentrations

graphic design class

Art, Inspiration and Design

The Arts, Inspiration, and Design concentration is for students who wish to showcase their talent in the visual and creative arts. 


The BioMed concentration has hands-classes for students interested in science and the medical fields.

Core Science

The Core Science concentration is for those students desire to pursue a career in a STEM related field or major field of science.

Computer Science & Engineering

The Computer Science and Engineering concentration is adapted in partnership with the UT-Austin's Engineer Your World curriculum.

Business & Entrepreneurship

The Business and Entrepreneurship concentration is designed for those who have an interest in the business and financial markets.


Academic Support at the MARC

The Maclay Academic Resource Center (MARC) is free for students to receive help with homework, projects, or any support needed for academic courses. The faculty sponsors and peer tutors are available during FLEX and several afternoons after school. 

Independent Studies

Direct Independent Studies courses allow students to set their own curriculum. Whether is researching infectious diseases, media production, or creating nutrition plans for children, you take ownership of your learning and experience.


The Guidance Team is an important level of support of the social and emotional development of our students.  Besides providing resources for support, they also bring in programs and guests speakers about topics relevant to students and families today. 


Our challenging curriculum meets or exceeds the recommended courses of studies for most selective colleges and universities. The Maclay School faculty and staff are here to help students succeed at Maclay and beyond.

Freshman Academy

The Maclay Freshmen Academy provides all 9th graders with tools to help them get set on the right path for a successful high school career and ultimately prepared for college.  

Gabor Junior Interview Series

The Gabor Junior Interview Series is a unique signature program for Maclay 11th graders to provide them training and best practices for future interviews with employers and colleges.

FLEX and Enrichment

Whether an internship, specialized training, or one of our specialized courses in science or SAT prep, the FLEX class provides the flexibility of customizing curriculum.

College Counseling

Our College Counseling staff knows our students and helps them navigate the college search journey by building personal relationships and finding the right fit for every family and student.