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A memorable, meaningful first school experience.


A joyous and happy Pre-Kindergarten experience can set the stage for a lifetime of learning. That’s why Maclay’s PreK classrooms are designed to engage students in fun, hands-on activities that nurture each child’s curiosity.

A nurturing environment with creative learning opportunities leads to successful beginnings.

Our multi-sensory curriculum includes daily activities and play-based instruction in language arts, math, science, social studies, art, music, movement, and drama. It’s the perfect first experience to develop engaged learners who are ready to advance their skills in Lower School. 

"Maclay Pre-K has shared love, safety, knowledge, kindness, and a thoughtful space to start out each day. Maclay focuses on our family as individuals, the whole being, and how we can contribute to the school community." Carrie McNeill


Music class is a part of the weekly Pre-K curriculum that allows students to explore instruments, movement, and song.  


Physical Exercise is an actual curriculum to help develop coordination and healthy habits.


Pre-K art gives our three and four years the opportunity to grow their confidence through creativity and exploration.


Our Spanish curriculum exposes our Pre-School students to a new language through song, movement, and fun!


Our Library time encourages students to develop a love of reading by introducing them to books through story time, music, and sing-a-longs.