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“Maclay's Middle School is not like any other. The teachers are so incredible in so many ways. It's a true hidden gem.” Middle School Parent

Maclay Middle School is committed to providing each of our students with the best and most meaningful education where they develop and deepen their understanding.

Our teachers accomplish this by having our students apply learned knowledge and skills through rich hands-on experiences. At Maclay Middle School, we have grade level themes- Launch, Impact, and Discover. In sixth grade, our students launch into global perspectives. In seventh grade, students learn how their actions make an impact within their community. In eighth grade, students focus on discovering their strengths. Each theme is aligned with a culminating project where students apply content and problem-solving skills. 

Middle School Curriculum


Maclay Middle School has many opportunities to develop leadership qualities.  Whether it's through the student council, Jr. Beta, or Model UN, our students gain great experience in public speaking, problem solving, and collaboration so they can lead and be change-makers.


The Middle School schedule allows for opportunities for our students to have the extra time with teachers for additional support and instruction. Maclay also has a Guidance Counselor is on staff to meet with students one-on-one and in a small groups.


Clubs are a big part of the student life of a Middle School student.  At Maclay, we offer a wide range of clubs from the Middle School News, Astronaut Challenge, Gaming, Latin or even Pep Band. Middle School clubs give students the opportunity to find and pursue their interests.