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Preparing young students for the next level of learning.

Maclay truly knows Middle School. Our curriculum is designed to meet the changing physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of our Middle School students, providing a seamless and supportive transition from Lower School.

Maclay Middle School

Each student has the potential that is unique to them.  Maclay Middle School doesn't prepare students for the path. It prepares students for their path. 

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The result: Middle School is when Maclay students become inspired to make an impact. As they find themselves among a community of high achievers and bright thinkers who share a passion for doing their best, Middle School students learn how to be both strong learners and purposeful citizens.

Our Discovery Path

About Middle School

  • School begins at 8am and ends at 3pm each day.  Before and afterschool center is available 7am-8am and afterschool until 6pm at no cost.
  • A block schedule is used in Middle School which is four classes a day and rotating A/B days.
  • A full athletic program is offered for Middle School students only.
  • Leadership programs include Student Council, Beta Club, and the Student Ambassadors.
  • A Middle School Guidance Counselor and academic support are a part of support services.

Academic Courses

6th Grade Launch

Ensuring 6th graders are given the support and skills to be successful in Middle School and beyond.

B.L.U.E. Classes

Balance of Learning, Understanding and Exploring ... a signature program that allows students to try new things and follow their interests.

Discovery Path

The Discovery Track is a rigorous collection of courses for highly motivated learners  to either discover STEM or  Humanities.


At the Middle School Level, students are introduced to a wider variety of art experiences ranging from the visual arts to the performing arts and beyond.


Maclay offers and entire fleet of Middle School sports teams for various levels and interests. Be a part of a team and learn lifelong skills as a Marauder.