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To meet the needs of our students, we must modify how we teach them.

As part of the iTHINK initiative, Maclay is redefining the traditional classroom not only by the programs we are implementing but what the classrooms look like. The new Steelcase Active Learning furniture takes away the "back of the classrooms" and promotes a collaborative space for students and teachers to learn together.

Media Production Lab

The new Media Production Lab in the Library has opened a new world of video, podcast, editing , and production for students in every division.

Traditional Classrooms

Rows of desks were the norm of teacher-centered classrooms where the focus was on one-way communication.

iTHINK Classrooms

Maclay's newest buildings and several renovated classrooms feature flexible furnishings for student-centered learning, collaboration and partnership with the teachers.

The Art & Inspiration Lab

The Lab offers classes in graphic design, ceramics, photography, and 3D art. It is also home of the Art, Inspiration and Design concentration that is available as an Upper School academic track.

Computer Science, Robotics, and Engineering

A flexible space so students can collaborate on building, creating and event landing the Space Shuttle on a simulator. 

Marie Krafft BioMedical Lab

The BioMed lab challenges open-ended problems, addressing topics such as clinical medicine, physiology, microbiology, biomedical engineering, and public health.

Science Research Lab

The Research Lab is a secured space available to students who are in research projects for events such as Science and Engineering Fair or a Direct Independent Study course.

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