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9th Grade Check list

•    Get involved - community service, join a club, athletics, extra curriculars, etc. Remember, it’s quality over quantity
•    Take the most rigorous courses you can be successful in - Consider AP classes
•    Stay organized, keep a planner, earn good grades… you are starting your transcript which colleges will see
•    Participate in the Freshman Academy
•    Get familiar with Naviance
•    Start your resume on Naviance and keep it updated
•    Take PSAT 8/9 in October
•    Create a four-year plan with an eye toward four-year college
•    Go visit college campuses on breaks
•    Research college admissions requirements at colleges/universities that interest you
•    Resolve to keep your grades up.  Make plans for tutoring or academic support (the MARC) if necessary - semester grades count toward your GPA
•    Look for summer enrichment opportunities, i.e. community service, leadership, camps, academic programs, test prep, college visits