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12th Grade Check List


•    Update your Naviance “Colleges I’m Applying To” List
•    Finalize college list – include at least two safety schools
•    Finish taking SAT and/or ACT exams for college admissions purposes. Then, continue taking as needed to meet Bright Futures requirements (you have until graduation to qualify for Bright Futures)
•    Determine which applications you will use when you apply - Common App, Institution App…
•    Apply early to colleges with rolling admission policy
•    Consider Early Action, Early Decision deadlines
•    Apply before Priority and Scholarship deadlines (check each college’s financial aid page)
•    Request transcripts through Naviance
•    Complete the FAFSA (and CSS Profile if required) for need-based financial aid (Opens October 1st)
•    Complete the FFAA for Bright Futures eligibility – merit based (Opens October 1st)
•    Finalize your college essays… Have teachers and/or your counselor review it before submission
•    Ask teachers in person, at least three weeks in advance, for letters of recommendation 
•    Avoid senioritis and finish the year with academic momentum
•    Attend college visits at Maclay (shows demonstrated interested)
•    Visit the college campuses of schools that are high on your list (shows demonstrated interest)
•    Continue to check in and schedule meetings with your College Counselor
•    Update your resume on Naviance
•    Submit your SAT or ACT scores(s) to schools you are applying to (Check to see if the school allows self-reporting through college admissions process)
•    Turn in all your community service hours


•    Submit final college applications
•    Narrow down your list of admits.  Visit the schools on this list
•    Avoid senioritis and finish the year with academic momentum
•    Review financial aid packages
•    Decide on the school you plan to attend in the Fall - pay deposits (by May 1st)
•    Apply for campus housing
•    Advise other schools that admitted you that you will not be attending
•    Prepare for AP Exams and Final Exams