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11th Grade Check List

•    Continue taking the most rigorous courses you can handle
•    Prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT exam in October. This one counts towards National Merit contingency 
•    Schedule your formal Junior Meeting with your College Counselor
•    Excel academically as colleges will only see your semester grades from 9th-11th grade when you apply in the Fall of your senior year
•    Attend college visits at Maclay and local college fairs
•    Complete career or college interest surveys, search for colleges, and update your resume on Naviance
•    Add colleges to the “Colleges I’m Thinking About” list on Naviance
•    Visit and tour college campuses during school breaks
•    Take first SAT and/or ACT (or continue taking to improve your scores, many colleges super score) Article: When Should I Take the SAT?
•    Use Khan Academy for free and personalized SAT Practice
•    Consider taking the SAT Subject Tests - especially if you are thinking Science, Technology, Engineering or Math as a major
•    Decide on which teachers you will ask to write your letters of recommendation
•    Create and categorize a list of colleges you are interested in applying to: Safety-Target-Reach
•    Review essay topics. Start brainstorming and begin writing (Common App typically releases essay topics early spring)
•    Complete recruitment questionnaires and register with the NCAA Eligibility Center if you plan on playing a sport in college
•    Research scholarships via college websites,,, Bright Futures
•    Prepare for AP and Final exams
•    Look for summer enrichment opportunities
•    Look for community service opportunities to earn hours for Bright Futures
•    Considering Military Academy/ROTC? Apply for summer seminars (open in spring)
•    Consider a job shadow or an internship program this summer
•    Participate in the Junior Leadership Academy and the Junior Interview Series