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10th Grade Checklist

•    Continue to challenge yourself academically
•    Stay involved – commit to a few activities you really enjoy
•    Add colleges you are interested in your Naviance “Colleges I’m Thinking About” list
•    Continue to update your resume on Naviance
•    Complete a few surveys in Naviance
•    Review tips and strategies for the PSAT in October
•    Attend college visits at Maclay and local college fairs
•    Consider taking the SAT and/or ACT- gauged on math level Article: When Should I Take the SAT?
•    Consider taking the SAT Subject Tests - especially if you are thinking Science, Technology, Engineering or Math as a major
•    Use Khan Academy for free and personalized SAT Practice
•    Continue to pursue enrichment opportunities
•    Develop a system to organize your college admissions information 
•    Visit with your Academic Advisor and College Counselor
•    Revisit your four-year plan
•    Seek academic support if/ when needed
•    Consider Youth Leadership Tallahassee to participate your Junior Year (Applications due in Spring)