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Access.  Support. Guidance ... It's Your Future.

College Counseling Events

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It's not about the name of the college ... it's about the finding the right fit for you.Our mission is to provide each student with timely and accurate counseling to navigate the college decision process. The most important part of this process is finding the right fit, which involves getting to know each student personally.  This starts in our Freshman Academy and goes through your final decision as a senior. 

Class of 2021 College Acceptances


Maclay students can sign up for College visits through Naviance.  Naviance is Maclay’s internet based college counseling platform that helps students plan, set goals, research colleges, explore careers, and process recommendation letters and transcripts. 

8th Grade Checklist

By the spring semester of 8th grade, the Freshman Academy Director meets with students about planning, setting goals, researching colleges, exploring careers, and processing recommendation letters and transcripts.

9th Grade Checklist

The Freshman Academy is a unique signature program at Maclay to help 9th graders build strong study skills, stay organized, and transition to Upper School successfully.

10th Grade Checklist

10th grade is the year to begin taking courses in an academic concentration of your interest and explore our wide range of AP courses.

11th Grade Checklist

11th grade is a busy year filled with college representatives visiting our campus, exploring colleges and universities, and finding your inspiration.

12th Grade Checklist

Our college counselor-to-student ratio means students and their parents get the personal support and attention they need to be clear, confident and empowered throughout the entire college admission process.

“After 14 years at Maclay, I can only say positive things about the school, faculty, and community. I had personal relationships with many of my teachers, and I was respected as a student. After graduating, I was not only prepared for college, but at a more advanced level than many of my peers.”  Class of 2014 Alum

College Counseling Events

Along the college selection journey, students will have many different opportunities to be exposed to various colleges and universities including meetings on campus with college admissions representatives and information evening with guest speakers.

  • College Application Boot Camp
  • The College Essay Guy Writing Workshop
  • Over 50 college representatives on campus
  • Evening events with universities such as Notre Dame, University of Virginia, and University of Georgia
  • Coffee Talks with College Counseling
  • Financial Aid Information Night
  • Guest Lectures from Peter Van Buskirk of Best College Fit

As part of the Freshman Academy, we begin helping students think about future college plans,  understand academic and extracurricular goals, and give guidance as to which college options would be the best match their interest.

Our Staff

  • 1:1 counseling beginning in 10th grade
  • Senior faculty advisors to work and advise 12th graders on the application and essay process.
  • Expert advisors who are members of the National Association for College Admission Counseling Counseling, Southern Association for College Admission Counseling, and the Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools.

Our Class of 2021

  • 81 seniors were accepted to 98 different colleges & universities in 24 different states

  • They are attending 36 different colleges & universities in 12 different states

  • Seniors received $11,070,149 dollars in merit scholarship, an average of $136,000 per senior

  • Four National Merit Scholarship Finalists

  • 31 seniors pursued a concentration of Core Science, Computer Science & Engineering, BioMed, Art and Inspiration, Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Total Community Service Hours: 12,588

  • 11 seniors attending an Honors Program

  • 7 student-athletes headed to college to play a sport

  • 98% were accepted into their top 1st or 2nd choices