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Every Student. Every Day.


The Center for Academic Excellence enhances Maclay School’s dedication to excellent teaching and learning by supporting each person to develop their full potential.

The Center for Academic Excellence supports and promotes a high standard of learning for all through support and extension opportunities at our Learning Hub and professional development through the Faculty Excellence program.

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"Our CAE Learning Specialist  has helped my child gain new confidence in himself. Having the partnership between our family, the CAE, and the classroom teacher has been a huge part of his success." -Lower School Parent

The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub: We believe that each child follows a unique learning path. Our staff partners with our faculty and families to support students' strengths and challenges in the classroom. We accomplish this by providing intervention and support services as well as enrichment opportunities for those who wish to add additional rigor and extension to their learning.

The Learning Hub services include:

  • Learning Profiles & Accommodations
  • Student observation and progress monitoring
  • Small Group Tutoring
  • Individual Tutoring
  • 1:1 intervention
  • Speech Therapy
  • Testing Center
  • Writing Labs
  • Language Lab
  • Study Strategies
  • Standardized Testing Strategies
  • Parent Education Workshops
  • Homework support and peer tutoring
  • After School Enrichment 
  • Summer Camp Academic Courses

Some services are included in tuition, and some are additional charges.  

Faculty Excellence

Faculty Excellence Program: The CAE supports and empowers faculty in the pursuit of new professional knowledge through opportunities to attend conferences, workshops, school visits, college courses, and in-service programming.  Through coordinated professional development days, expert speakers, and professional learning communities, the CAE serves as a resource for faculty growth and collaboration. 

The Faculty Excellence services include:

  • Professional Development
  • Expert Guest Speakers
  • Coordinate certifications & In-Service Opportunities
  • State and National Conferences
  • Peer School Visitations
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • EdCamp
  • Faculty Excellence Grant 
  • New Teacher Orientation
  • Curricular Support 
  • Summer Institute Trainings


"One of our guiding principles is valuing each student to develop inherent ability to the fullest extent.  We commonly refer to this as the fictional family of four.  Within this family, we have a student who is chasing her dream of attending an Ivy League School, one will be developing his skills to take a shot at one of the best engineering schools in the nation, the third is heading to the state University just down the road, and the fourth will be attending the local community college.  Each of these pathways demands a high level of personal accountability, but varying skillsets and support.  The Center for Academic Excellence provides oversight and support to all these pathways." -James Milford, Head of School

The Future of CAE

The proposed rendering of the exterior of the new Center for Academic Excellence.

Interior rendering of the future CAE lobby area.

The Study Hall room will hold group study halls and small group tutoring sessions.

A new proposed courtyard between the CAE on Webster Gym.

CAE Study Labs and turtoring center.

Exterior rendering of the new walkway and courtyard.

Our CAE Team

Janine Couch

Janine Couch

Director, Center for Academic Excellence
Lollie Aulet

Lollie Aulet

CAE Learning Specialists
Paul Dickson

Paul Dickson

Learning Specialist, Writing Lab
Suzanna Malone

Suzanna Malone

CAE Learning Specialists
Shana McComb

Shana McComb

Learning Specialist, Upper School, Learning Support Department Chair
Laurie McHargue

Laurie McHargue

CAE Program Specialists
Darlene Miller

Darlene Miller

Learning Specialist, Lower School
Michelle Partridge

Michelle Partridge

CAE Learning Specialist