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Confidence and Determination to Go Further

Our Voices

Finding a way to be a change-maker and follow your dreams.

Our Voices

The flexibility of our curriculum allows students to be challenged and opens up a whole world of opportunities.

Our Voices

Our students learn in a hands-on way so they know first hand the impact they are making on the world around them.

Here, students from Pre-K3-12 learn to think bigger about their futures as they develop the critical thinking, creative problem solving, and collaborative leadership skills that will serve them well beyond their school years.This is an environment of high achievers with a shared passion for doing their best; a place where students become adaptable, prepared learners who are also engaged, civic-minded leaders.

"Maclay has provided a very individualized educational experience for our four children based on their unique personalities and needs. "

- Rebecca DeRosier, Parent


Our Pre-School is where our Mini-Marauders get their foundation for a successful future.

Lower School

Our K-5 classrooms are small and active with limitless opportunities.

Middle School

Grades 6-8 is time to explore, try, and discover your passions.

Upper School

Grades 9-12 are the years to shine and prepare to follow your dreams.

That’s the transformative power of Maclay School. Ready to join us?