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Meeting students where they are and providing them with the tools to succeed.

M: Mission-Centered

As an independent school, we stay true to our mission, and adjust when necessary, to meet the needs of our students.

  • Focus on the whole child to ensure balance, support, and success
  • Rigorous liberal arts curriculum
  • Strategic approach to standardized testing
  • Core values are weaved into the everyday culture - Honor, Respect, Accountability

C: College Counseling

Maclay’s College Counseling staff includes a network of academic advisors working to provide our students with quality time, direction, and support over the course of the college search, selection, and application journey. Finding the “right fit” for our students is the focus of our College Counseling team.

  • The Naviance Family Connection program, which is introduced in Middle School, helps students and families research and navigate the college selection process.
  • Over 50 universities and colleges visit the Maclay campus each year. In addition, the College Counseling team sponsors field trips for students to visit college campuses around Florida.
  • SAT/ACT preparation is integrated into the curriculum  We also offer test preparation courses as an Enrichment options.. 

A: Academics

Our data-driven, intentionally designed core curriculum allows for the development of personal learning paths for students. We offer a curriculum that is challenging yet flexible to individual learning styles and interests.

  • Maclay is redefines the traditional liberal arts approach to education focusing on real-world application of skills and knowledge.
  • We focus on the "process" – problem solving, analysis, and creativity - to help students become confident learners.
  • We tailor studies and experiences to fit their needs and interests of our students. We offer concentrations in Upper School in the areas of BioMed, Core Science, Computer Science, Engineering, and Robotics, Business and Entrepreneurship, and Art and Inspiration.

98% of our seniors are accepted in to their 1st or 2nd choice college.

College Counseling


A: Advocacy and Support

Having the support programs to help students become successful learners, leaders and citizens in the community is a high priority at Maclay.  We want every student to find something to be passionate about and have the tools to pursue that passion.

  • A small campus, caring faculty, and parent partnerships create a family atmosphere that we call "One School" - where students feel safe, supported, and nurtured in an environment where they can thrive.
  • Every child learns differently and our staff at the Center for Learning provides the necessary support to see that each child feels prepared and is successful.
  • Service Learning provides students in grades K-12 with the opportunity to participate in meaningful service projects that make an impact on the Tallahassee community and beyond.  
  • Our Signature Programs instill qualities of leadership and character while exploring topics that are of value to our students and parents.

L: Learn to Lead

Maclay provides resources and access to a wide-variety of clubs, activities, sports teams, and creative and performing arts.  These opportunities open the doors for inspired students to learn, lead, and excel while discovering their strengths and passions to be unstoppable.

  • Over 50 Middle School, JV, and Varsity athletic teams for all levels.
  • With clubs like Student Council, classes like rock climbing, and a vibrant, growing performing arts program, there is no shortage of opportunities for students to build self-confidence and express themselves.
  • On-stage performances beginning in Pre-K
  • 20+ clubs and organizations in Middle and Upper School.

Y: You are Prepared

Our students set their own paths to success, becoming adaptable, prepared, and creative leaders. Maclay students know that when you are part of a community that believes in your innate potential, nothing can stop you.

  • Every 11th grader participates in the Gabor Junior Interview Series where they prepare and attend mock interviews with business professionals.
  • Life Management classes and programs like the Freshman Academy lay the groundwork for our students to be prepared to succeed in college and beyond.