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We Can Do More. Together.


We value building a community that works together to enrich our culture and educational experience.

Connecting our parents to our community is a priority. Whether its sharing your expertise as a professional through our Parent-in-Resident program, a volunteer at MCA events, or organizing sports boosters,  your involvement as a Maclay parent is valuable and essential to our success. 

“You have a product that does not exist anywhere else. I ask you to please continue moving in the direction you are moving because this is the product my wife and I have been looking for for several years.”

- Maclay Parent

The mission of Maclay Community Association is to keep families engaged and to enrich the overall experience for students and their families through volunteerism.

When we talk think about volunteerism at Maclay we are reminded how fortunate we are to have such a dedicated parent community who lends their talents and skills in a variety of ways.Our hope is that all families find a way to be engaged that is meaningful to them.  We welcome parents to be involved through a variety of programs and volunteer opportunities.

Maclay Community Association


Though Maclay faculty are experts in their respective fields but the demands of the constantly changing world on our students and graduates require that we reimagine our idea of what a liberal arts education looks like and what it provides for its students.  We stretch our education and experience through partnerships with our parent community.  We consider our parent partners our extended faculty because we all share a commitment to providing our students with an education that challenges them to become the best version of themselves in all facets of their lives.  Whether you have an expertise to share, would like to speak at Career Day or participate in the Junior Interview Series, there is a place for you.  

Get Involved

The Upper School Parent-in-Residence program has two components: Pathways to Passions Chats and Guest Lecturer Program.

Each option focuses on an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to curriculum with real–life connections and real–world applications. Parent-in-Residence participants are asked to create and design experiential courses and or webinars that help students make connections between what they are learning and how to apply their education in a real-world setting.

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"I hope to spark a love of law in the Legal Issues class I'll be teaching this fall.  Students will learn about justice and equality from speakers and through practical exercises." Elizabeth Ricci, mom of Paloma and Belen