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Welcome friends, 

I remember when I first drove onto our beautiful 100-acre campus years ago. I remember the interplay of innovative buildings and ancient oaks as they both shadowed our campus.  Little did I know the heart of Maclay School was so much more than our setting could ever portray.  There is a deeply held belief at Maclay that is also held deeply in the heart of its Head of  School.  That belief is stated in our mission statement, and pushes us, ever forward, to find and develop the inherent abilities and interests in EACH student.  We believe that is the pathway to full potential.  If you are looking for a cookie-cutter school, you have come to the wrong place. 

After twenty years of working with amazing educators, thousands of students, and three of my own children, I am convinced each of us has a unique pathway and an internal guide that draws us towards reaching our full potential.  This is the heart of the Maclay Mission Statement and our philosophy as a school.  This is what excites me about Maclay and our purpose in the Big Bend region.  We know we must fulfill this ambitious goal because our region deserves it. 

A clarifying statement for me is, “Mission First, People Always.”  This statement that runs through our school and my belief system.  We, as a school and individuals, have high expectations, and the fulfillment of those through personal excellence is the measurement we seek daily.
You may have been drawn to Maclay for our test scores; you may have noticed us because of where our graduates go to college and through our successful alumni out in the world; you may have even been drawn to us because of a beautiful campus or an engaging website...but, you will love us because of our people, our community, and who you will become. 

I welcome you, again, to a uniquely driven school where high expectations and personal results are the measures of success. 

James Milford
Head of School

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