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Dedicated. Passionate. Unparalleled.


"In my many years at Maclay I have seen the school experience much change, but the mission always remains the same.... we love our students and come to school everyday excited to spend time with them and to challenge them to become the persons they were meant to be."

Pru Sloderbeck, Faculty Member

Our Voices

"I love being a teacher because it is a job that focuses on the future. Everything we do in the classroom is to help our students achieve their goals and create an amazing tomorrow!"

-  Emma Perry, Middle School

Our Voices

"I love the freedom to explore, to dig deep, to stretch, to expand and the close friendships forged within a tightly-woven community. There's a standard to strive for excellence."

- David Low, Library Director

Our Voices

"Maclay offers a PreK-12 learning environment that I love. Students take charge of their learning here. The students have impressed me the most since I have been here."

- Tim Fitzpatrick, Upper School

Our Voices

"What I love most is my incredible colleagues in the Upper School. I'm inspired by their passion and commitment to teaching, and by their incredible generosity to students and one another."

- Craig Beaven, Upper School

Our Voices

"My goal is to help shape my students both academically and emotionally and motivate them to be the change they want to see around them and in the world."

-Lori Seise, Lower School

Professional Development

Maclay prioritizes Professional Development for faculty each year providing ongoing resources and tools for faculty to expand their professional horizons and pursue and utilize the latest educational methods. 

  • Develop Curriculum that benefits the whole student.
  • Bridge the departments and services among the three divisions of Lower, Middle, and Upper School.
  • Incorporate Service Learning into curriculum.
  • Prepare a framework of Understanding by Design.
  • Create and evaluate standardization and benchmarks for our students, grades, and divisions.
  • Incorporate an alignment of curriculum from Pre-K through 12th grade by linking courses, departments, and divisions.
  • Evaluate and assess data.
  • Provide opportunities for our faculty to support, share, peer-teach, and grow as individuals

Early Release Wednesday

Maclay has dedicated time, focus, and resources to our Teacher Professional Development Program and cultivating professional excellence. Every Wednesday, dismissal is at 2 pm for all students so that faculty can participate in professional training. Such programs include Learning Communities, divisional meetings (by grade level), subject meetings (academic subjects across all divisions), guest speakers and workshops, and individual planning. The Wednesday early release supports the commitment Maclay has to our faculty and their growth and development as professionals. 

Leaders in Education

  • Six AP Exam National Readers on staff
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Fellow
  • Presenter at the AP National Conference, "Achieving Balance in the AP Spanish Language”
  • FCIS Presenter on the Jr. Interview Series
  • FCIS Presenter on eMpathy in Mindful Masterpieces Arts program
  • FIAA Cultivation Leadership in Schools Presented
  • Vice President of the International Dyslexia Association, Florida Branch
  • President of the Florida Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association
  • President of the Classical Association of Florida
  • Team member of Outreach and Advocacy Rivertrek Team for the Apalachicola Riverkeeper. 
  • American Prize in Composition
  • Florida Athletic Coaches Association Hall of Fame
  • All-Big Bend Coaches of the Year
  • Unsung Hero Award
  • Published author The Long Shadow of Waterloo: Myths, Memory and Debates