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Maclay School’s Pre-Kindergarten through Upper School faculty consists of more than 100 passionate and knowledgeable educators dedicated to providing a quality experience for every Maclay student. Our exceptional faculty work in close collaboration with each other, sharing a commitment to best practice and innovation. Faculty members hold themselves to the high standards of the Maclay Honor Code – honor, respect, and accountability. 

"The Maclay family cannot be beat. I love coming to work each day and working with the students here. The sense of community I feel is incredible and I feel like it is such a privilege that I am here with this incredible faculty."

M Shield

Why an Independent School?

Teaching at independent schools means building close relationships in small classes, innovating and collaborating, inspiring discovery, and focusing on learning rather than high-stakes testing.  Dedicated teachers, supportive alumni, and devoted parents are committed to preparing young people for lives of leadership and service.  Success is more than lofty test scores and college acceptances.  It’s seeing students tap into their talents and aspirations. Read more in this NAIS article on "Why Teach at and Independent School."

What I love about Maclay is that the core values are taught throughout the day, Honor-Respect-Accountability.  That we focus on problem solving, analysis and creativity to help students become more confident learners. And that all this and more takes place on a beautiful 100 acre campus!

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Professional Development at Maclay

At Maclay, faculty professional development is a priority. Our faculty have access to opportunities, regionally and nationally, that inspire them to improve their craft and allow them to connect with educators across the country. Additionally, Maclay’s Early Release Wednesdays provide protected time for faculty to participate in professional learning communities, pursue their pedagogical passions, collaborate, and innovate.    

  • The core focus of our Teacher Professional Development Program is to:
  • Develop Curriculum that benefits the whole student.
  • Bridge the departments and services among the three divisions of Lower, Middle, and Upper School.
  • Incorporate Service Learning into curriculum.
  • Prepare a framework of Understanding by Design.
  • Creating and evaluating standardization and benchmarks for our students, grades, and divisions.
  • Incorporate an alignment of curriculum from Pre-K through 12th grade by linking courses, departments, and divisions.
  • Allows for evaluation and assessment of data.
  • Provide opportunities for our faculty to support, share, peer teach, and grow as individuals.

About Maclay

We are a community who strive to excel for our students and our profession.

Our Culture

We believe in our culture and strive to be the best we can be and provide the best education to our students.

School Profile

Maclay School sits on 100 beautiful acres in northern Leon County and offers class for students beginning at three years old through high school, making it a second home for many students during their youth

About Tallahassee

Tallahassee's unique rolling hills, canopy oaks, and southern charm lies just 30 minutes from the beaches and is home to universities and the capital of Florida.