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Seniors Shine


Why do Maclay Seniors shine?  Maclay School provides the support and advising to help each student reach their goals and have the opportunity to follow their dreams.  Our Class of 2018 is no exception!  Here are some accomplishments from our 80 graduates:

  • 80 seniors will be attending 94 different colleges in 17 states.
  • The Class of 2018 earned $6,243,698 in scholarship offers – an average of $78,046.
  • The Class accumulated 14,845 hours of community service while in high school. 
  • 12 members of the class will be attending an Honors program and 14 will be competing in a collegiate sport.
  • 85% were accepted in their first or second choice college.
  • The Class of 2018 had 4 National Merits and 5 Eagle Scouts.

Click here to see the colleges our seniors were accepted to.