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    **XC Camps cancellations due to inclimate weather will be posted above.  

    We would like to welcome everyone to the Maclay running program and we are excited to enjoy the beautiful trails near the school.  The goal of this program is to prepare Middle School and High School students for their cross country season.  Each week will build slowly off the preceding week.  We understand every person is at a different running level and we will continually encourage individual improvement each day.  Please pack a large towel and water bottle with your name on each item.  There will be stretching and core exercises after running on the track or field, so a large towel is important.

    The groups will be led by our coaching staff and college runners along with local high school runners in the mix.  No one will be by themselves and there will always be a runner(s) in the group that know the trails. 

    Staggered drop off times – High School runners please drop off at the Webster 8:20-8:25 and meet on the track.   Middle School runners please drop off at 8:45-8:55 at the Webster – there will be camp staff there to greet the MS runners in the drop off area.  You may wear a face covering from car to the track.  Once we start our run please place your covering in your bag with your towel and water bottle. 

    A message from Maclay School & our camp -- Over the last several weeks, our summer team has been working hard on creating new safety protocols following CDC guidelines to keep our campus and our campers as safe as possible over the next several months.  Some of the new safety guidelines we are implementing include:

    • Keeping runners in smaller groups, no more than 10
    • Setting up staggered drop-off and pick-up areas and times
    • Training staff on safety and sanitation procedures
    • Cleaning and sanitation schedule for common areas such as bathrooms


    Links to the safety video and Handbook: