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    All of our junior after-school programs will follow these guidelines: 

    • Maintain at least a 6:1 ratio student/coach 
    • Programs will be more specific according to age/level, utilizing ROGY with an emphasis on an exceptional technical foundation 
    • Programs will follow a specific design from start to finish to allow players to get into a routine, something we have followed from the very beginning 
    • Warm-ups prior to any striking of a tennis ball will involve a strategic dynamic warm up followed by a short form of footwork/speedwork utilizing ladders/cones/court lines/jump ropes 
    • The first 10 minutes post warm up will include one ball drill focusing on NO ERRORS. 20 mini, a rally of 50 from the baseline, 50 Forehands X-Court/50 Backhands X-Court, followed by 15 volleys and 10 overheads 
    • Rotations will follow and will be completely dependent on what our focus will be. Each week we will potentially have a different theme that leads on from one another. 
    • Always introduce music into our training programs to amplify the energy from our students 
    • Our ultimate goal is to produce well rounded competitive tennis players through discipline, hard work and who enjoy the entire process 
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