• July 2019

    Beck Family Research Center:

    Many of you have been able to visit the research center and see the space and how the students worked within the space.  The students enjoyed a few weeks of class at the end of school and we continue to use the space over the summer for meetings and presentations.  We have already seen an uptick in interest in the subjects taught in these labs as the space is exciting and the promise of hands-on projects and challenge draw the most inquisitive minds in our student body.


    Beck Family Research Center Gardens:

    The Beck Family Research Center Gardens have been installed and are a great place for gathering and seating outside in this facility.  Please stop by next time you are on campus to visit these gardens.  Each of the raised beds is designed for seating and gathering, with two grass spaces large enough to hold a class of students for discussion and meetings. 


    Final Construction Pieces:

    Over the next month we will be installing a new floor surface in the Beck Family Research Center iTHINK Labs that will be more durable and meet the aesthetic standards inside the facility.  We also will be installing the final piece of the Research Center, the kiln building, which will house the two kilns for our ceramics and design classes. 

    Beck Family Innovation Center

    Summer work is under way on the Beck Family Innovation Center.  This includes moving the electrical easement and addressing the Senior Shack. 

    The pool has presented some challenges to this project due to its age and some quirks with how the pool was initially permitted when it was built 41 years ago.  We are now working with our second pool engineer who is designing some options for the pool that will bring it up to code and hopefully limit any impact to the building, current design, and cost.

    We are excited to share that we have raised 100% of the building construction costs for the Beck Family Innovation Center.  At this point, we have executed our contract with our construction partner, Ajax Construction, and are moving forward with the construction of the facility while we raise the remaining $1 million needed to complete the effort. 

    The stormwater, fresh water, sewer, and foundation work for the Beck Family Innovation Center will begin on July 22nd.  The goal is to have all of the underground work outside the building construction site be completed by the beginning of school on August 12th.  If you are looking for big equipment and dirt being moved, you will be able to find it here in late July and early August.

    Funding Update:

    I am very excited to report that for the iTHINK Initiative, including both the Research and Innovation Centers, over the past year and a half, we have raised $7 million from our incredibly generous Maclay community.  The momentum and excitement for this initiative and the work of our students and faculty has had a lasting impact on philanthropy at this institution.  We will push hard in the Fall to complete the Innovation Center funding as we have the final stage of the iTHINK Campaign, the new home for the Center for Learning to fund, renovate, and open in the coming years.

    Curriculum & Concentrations Update:

    We were excited to see several of our graduates this past year recognized for completing their work in our new curricular concentrations.  These are the Upper School “majors” our students can take advantage of during their years at Maclay.  Next year there will be five concentrations our students can choose from to “lean into” via their elective class options and flexible time to explore areas they are interested in.  The five concentrations are:

    • Business & Entrepreneurship
    • Art & Design
    • Computer Science, Robotics, and Engineering
    • Biomedical
    • Core Science

    Next year, from our projections at this point, it looks like we will have close to half of our students enrolled in classes associated with these concentrations.  This is a timely, necessary, and exciting development at Maclay.  The concentrations create possibilities for our students and the school which were previously impossible.