• Happy New Year Maclay Community!  Officer Mitchell and I want to welcome everyone back, with hopes that you all had a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year.  We also want to thank all of you for adjusting to our new security procedures and policies here on campus.  Hopefully, you are finding the school community to be a safe and secure place for all.  Our goal is to evaluate our safety and security policies we have implemented and adjusted as we make observations of situations that require some changes to our practices.  There have been several things on campus during the first five months of school that have caught our attention.  We want to take this opportunity to explain so we can improve our service to everyone that visits Maclay.

    1. GATEHOUSE: The gatehouse at the Maclay Road entrance has worked tremendously to help us monitor everyone that arrives on campus during school hours. There are a couple of procedural/etiquette practices we would like to remind folks of.  The gate mechanism itself closes after every car proceeds through the gate, so please do not rush through the gate if the person in front of you is waved through.  Officer Mitchell and I will usually have our hand on the release button, but there have been 4 or 5 instances that the gate came down and either struck a car, or the gate was crashed into by vehicles.  We ask that each car stop and tell us where you are headed on campus.  We will wave you through by hand if it is safe to go.
    2. SPEED ON CAMPUS ROADS: We have had some concerns expressed by parents and staff about the traffic speed of some people on all different parts of campus, but most specifically the back roadways of the campus. We have purchased two pedestrian crossing signs where there is frequent crossing by Physical Education classes, or kids reporting to sports practices, and we ask that everyone please drive with caution, and be reminded that the speed limit is 15 MPH around the campus.  For those parents with children that drive on campus, please be vigilant to remind them to watch their speeds too.  We do not want to endanger anyone while here on campus.
    3. CELL PHONES: As former Police Officers, this concern is from the heart. We have noticed many parents, and even more notably students, on their phones while driving.  This is obviously a sign of the times we live in, but I would like to offer a sincere word of advice.  Our Maclay students that are driving to and from school are seen texting, and on their phones immediately upon entering their cars and while entering Maclay Road.  Please remind all your family members that your safe arrival from your travels is most important, and that the texts and calls can wait.  I was involved with a significant texting related fatal accident case in New York State, and the fallout from these tragedies is enormous, so please reiterate safe practices while driving - especially with our newer drivers.

    We would like to thank all of you that have made this first half of the year safe and successful.  We wish all you of a Happy 2019, and we will strive to bring you the best practices that make Maclay a safe and secure place to educate your children.  If you ever have any concerns or questions, Officer Mitchell and I are happy to address any ideas that you may have to improve our service to the Maclay family.