Career Day

  • Career Day Maclay Upper School welcomed 24 professionals to campus today to present a round-robin Career Day.  Those who attended were lawyers, bankers, neuroscientist, Anastasis, engineer, artist, sports anchor, screenwriter, cybersecurity expert, pilot, a nuclear engineer, urban planner, business owner, professional athlete, mental health specialist, judge, insurance agent, and business owners.  Students rotated to three different sessions that lasted about 20 minutes and gave them an opportunity to ask questions.

    “I didn’t even get to go to all the ones that I wanted to,” said junior Ellie Casteel. “I thought it was a great opportunity to be exposed to a lot of different careers. The small sessions were intimate, so you could really ask questions.”

    Career Day is an annual event at Maclay to help expose students to various professions and connect with the community.