• Maclay School Announces Retirement of Long Time Business Manager 

    terese Maclay School announces the upcoming retirement of long-time Business Manager, Mrs. Terese Combs in the summer of 2019. Mrs. Combs graduated from Florida State University College of Business in 1977 with a degree in Accounting and is a CPA.  She has three children, all of whom graduated from Maclay, Thomas '97, David '05, and Andrea ‘06.  

    Combs shared, “Maclay has been such a huge part of my life, it will feel strange not to wake up and head down Meridian Road.  I’ve made so many dear friends and watched my own children, and so many others, grow up on Maclay’s 100 acres.  It’s been wonderful to see most of the buildings go up on campus and to watch thousands of students turn into amazing adults.  It makes me really happy knowing that David will continue teaching in the Maclay middle school and that grandbaby Raylan will be enrolled in our preschool in the future. It was a lucky day when Mr. Jablon hired me back in 1984 but I think it is time for me to work less and play more!”    

    Maclay’s former Headmaster Bill Jablon reflected, “It was my good fortune to work with Terese for 30 years.  She is a very bright, principled, person with a strong sense of what was best for Maclay and not timid about giving her opinion. She kept us all focused.”    

    Combs has overseen the significant growth and changes at Maclay over the years. “Few people truly understand the weight of the Business Manager’s office.  In addition to all financial matters at the school, Mrs. Combs has overseen, managed, or served as the liaison for the school’s maintenance, grounds, human resources, construction management, Board of Trustees, endowment funds, insurance, collections, investments...the list goes on.  Basically, if it happens at the school, chances are that Terese had a hand in it.” said Maclay’s Head of School, James Milford. He continued, “She has been one of the key members of my leadership team since I arrived and much of the success Headmaster Jablon’s and my administration has accomplished is due to her diligence and prudence when managing the resources of the school.  We will all miss her and I know my job is going to be much harder without her by my side.”  

    A search for Combs’s replacement is already underway which is being led by Head of School James Milford and a committee of Maclay faculty and staff members. “Our goal is to put in place a thorough and inclusive nationwide search process to find a great fit for the multi-faceted roll this position demands,” Milford said.