A Quarter of Kindness

  • Kind This year, as part of the Marauder Moments program, the Maclay Guidance team is presenting themes each quarter. Activities and discussion are presented to the student body about the character word throughout each of the nine weeks. The theme and character word the first quarter was “kindness” and will culminate with Thursday’s Marauder Day of Kindness. 

    The entire student body participated in events that encouraged kindness and talked with counselors about what kindness meant to them. The Lower School and Pre-K students sang songs, read books, and made banners about kindness during their bi-weekly visits with the Guidance Team. During their most recent visit, the students made a banner labeled “Kindness is Cool” with painted handprints. It was a fun activity that engaged students while talking about how to show kindness and care to others.  

    Upper School students also participated in projects about kindness wherein they were given notecards and wrote random words of kindness to fellow students. The Guidance Department collected the notecards and passed them out to the community-time teachers who distributed them to the students they were addressed to. The goal was that after each student completed a random act of kindness, they would pass it off to another student and the acts of kindness would circle around the Upper School community. 

    The COTA (Community Outreach Through Arts) Middle School Class also launched "a random acts of kindness campaign" and created positive notes that covered the entire campus. Along with the notes, students and faculty have been sporting kindness bracelets in celebration of the theme. 

    The Marauder Day of Kindness this Thursday will be a great opportunity for students to put into action what they have learned over the last nine weeks and show kindness in our community. Some of the activities will even include writing letters of appreciation to linemen and first responders, and collecting items or assisting families that have been displaced.   

    The character word for the next nine weeks is Honorable. 

    -Madison Manely is a senior at FSU interning in the Maclay Communications Office.