• Please join us November 8th

    The Maclay School Center for Learning invites parents and school community members to attend an informative meeting to learn about the mission of the Center for Learning, the work the Center does, and share general information on various learning differences and methods of support.  This group is designed to facilitate conversations and also share professional perspectives from both the Center for Learning staff and other professionals in the field.   

    The initial two meetings will occur November 8, 2018 at the following time options: 

    8:30 am – 10:00 am in the Dining Hall of 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm in the Lower School Commons.

    These meetings are a great opportunity for parents of a child with a learning difference to attend, for individuals interested in learning differences like dyslexia and other reading differences, specific learning differences in mathematics, or ADHD or for any school parent to attend and gather more information about the Center for Learning and its various arms of support.   

    These informal sessions will follow the below structure: 

    • Welcome & Arrivals 
    • Introductions 
    • Background information on the Center for Learning 
    • Presentation: Reading Science: What Scientific Research Has Taught Us About the Reading Brain 
    • Question & Answer 

    For more information, or for questions, please email centerforlearning@maclay.org 

    About the Maclay School Center for Learning 

    The Maclay School Center for Learning acts as the central location on campus for all academic support services and professional development.  The Center for learning collects data on student achievement, conducts classroom observations, and coordinates all tutorial services, student support, and accommodations on campus.