We Believe

  • As Faculty: 

    We believe in saying "yes, and" rather than "no, but". 

    We believe excellent faculty, leading by example, is the key to an excellent education. 

    We believe that our responsibility is not only to create lifelong learners, prepared for their next step, but to develop good people grounded in honor, accountability, and respect. 

    We believe students learn best from those they love and respect. 

    We believe we must be champions for our students, always showing enthusiasm, kindness, fairness and an honest desire to connect with each student. 

    We believe our education model is one of "working with" rather than a "give and receive" model, with an emphasis on collaborative problem solving, communication, and deep understandings. 

    We believe in saying "you don't have it yet", rather than "you are wrong". 

    We believe we must be advocates for children, celebrating failure as a teaching tool, and helping students find balance in a highly competitive environment. 

    We believe there is no "us and them", they are we. 

    We bleed Blue and White.