• Maclay Upper School uses a block schedule to accommodate the changing of the educational landscape and to magnify our academic strengths while providing our community time and balance

    Why we use a block schedule:

    • Learner-centered, with deeper investigation and exploration and reflection on content
    • Support for balanced lives of students and teachers
    • Longer class periods and fewer classes in a school day which provides more balance to nightly student homework and extra-curricular activities
    • Increased teacher access balanced learning and teaching time for both students and faculty.

    Providing our students with an excellent education while preparing them for college and life along with the high expectations and outcomes associated with being a Maclay graduate remains at the core of our mission.

  • Community Time is designed to allow our community to gather for All-School Assemblies, participate in clubs/activities, class meetings, advising, or get help from teachers. During this time, students will report to their Flex teacher’s classroom for announcements and official attendance taking. On A days, students will be released to participate in various activities (Office Hours, Clubs, MARC, CFL, etc.) and on B days when there are no assemblies, students will remain in their FLEX/Homeroom class for academic advisement. 

    The FLEX period in the Maclay Upper School was created to help students with Time and Balance. A number of Enrichment Classes are offered during FLEX but it can also be used for homework, see a tutor or get help from teachers, work on a project, have an internship, participate in a club meeting, training or sport, or many other options that help students make the most of their time and have more opportunities to balance their schedules.