Safety and Security

  • Families returning to Maclay for the 2018-19 school year are aware of the discussions and implementation of additional security measures that began last spring.  For those who are new to Maclay, the second objective in our five-year strategic plan specifically addresses faculty preparedness, safety reviews, and campus security as a priority for our school.  Beginning August 13th, the following changes will be implemented:

    • Officer Todd Ford has joined Officer Mitchell and our security team on campus.
    • A new Welcome Center is now at the entrance of Maclay Road to control access during school hours.
    • Car Tags for rearview mirrors will be distributed for parents, students, faculty, and staff.
    • All other visitors will have their driver’s license screened upon entry through a national criminal history check before a visitor pass is given.
    • Meridian Road Gate closed at all times except for morning drop-off between 7:30am-8: 15 am
    • The new traffic pattern for Lower and Middle School pick-up lines will begin at the Maclay Road entrance, move around the Junior Parking Lot and proceed to the two-lane pickup line.

    In addition to these changes:

    • Exterior doors to Lower School, Cartee, and Dining Hall will be locked at 8:15 am. All guests and students arriving after that time but go through the Division Office for a pass.
    • Additional security cameras have been placed around campus.
    • Maglocks have been added to exterior doors and can be controlled remotely in the event of a lockdown.
    • The additional security officer and vehicle will allow for a roaming officer during the school day.
    • Faculty and staff training on procedures and safety measures will be added.

    Though it is impossible to eliminate all threats, implementing these new measures will certainly be in alignment with Maclay’s direction to, “implement realistic measures to provide the safest and most secure campus possible while preserving the family spirit of the Maclay Experience.” Thank you for your partnership and support.