Maclay Innovation Center

  • The Maclay School Innovation Center provides cutting-edge space for students to learn and test the 21st Century Skills developed across all grades at Maclay School. The design for the Center for Innovation was born from the need to respond to the growing ambition of both Maclay’s students and faculty as programs and curriculum have outgrown current facilities. This Center provides faculty and students the spaces they need to be flexible, apply concepts and skills necessary to prepare for tomorrow’s world, and further pursue their interests. This 20,000 square foot facility will create spaces that match the exemplary STEM curriculum offered in the Maclay Upper School, the School’s active, dynamic and growing College Counseling program, and a collegiate-style student commons area for meetings, studying, and collaboration.

    Collaboration, Flexibility and 21st-Century Skills: One key component of the Innovation Center will be the flexibility of the space’s design, creating opportunities for cooperation between the programs housed in the Innovation Center and the students’ work on campus. The Student Commons will provide a venue for students to work together on projects and will act as a hub to showcase projects from the arts and sciences as well as host iTHINK lectures and guest speakers. The Center for Innovation and Student Services will be the new face of the Upper School and will shift the center of campus so that students can easily access support and services.

    Upper School Science Labs

    At the core of the new Innovation Center will be state-of-the-art science labs for biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science.  These 1500 square foot plus labs will have the latest equipment and active learning furnishings. 

    Student Commons

    This multi-function event and lecture space will provide an area for students to gather, collaborate, and exhibit the outcomes of their work and projects.

    College Counseling

    The College Counseling program at Maclay School is central to the School's mission and provides each student and family with information, support, and guidance as they navigate the transition to college.

    Upper School Administration Offices

    The Center includes Offices for Upper School Head of School as well other Upper School Administration.