iTHINK Curriculum

  • The iTHINK initiative focuses on the expansion and growth of K-12 curriculum, programs, and experiential learning. Maclay students develop and refine their collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills while studying problems worth solving in real-world settings.

    Lower School iTHINK Curriculum 
    The iTHINK initiative brings an age-appropriate expansion of hands-on learning, technology, and integrated classroom skills. Additional staff positions will enhance teacher training as well as broaden classroom curriculum and offer Lower School students more afterschool and summer opportunities rich in experiential learning. 
    New Computer Science Instructor (Aug. 2018)
                Coding and Programming
                Digital Citizenship Curriculum
    Hands-on Science Lab (PreK-5)
    Long Leaf Pine Outdoor Habitat & Classroom (PreK-5)
    Outdoor Garden Classroom (PreK-5) 
    iPads Instruction (PreK-5) 
    1:1 iPads (4-5) 
    LEGO Education Discovery Units
                LEGO Early Simple Machines (PreK-1) LEGO Simple Machines (2-3) 
                LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 (2-4)   LEGO Simple & Powered Mechanisms (5) 
    Lower School Clubs and Competitions   
                TECH Club  Green Club Math Olympiad (5)  Mini-Mu Math Competition (4-5)

    Middle School iTHINK Curriculum
    Dedicated staff, classroom instruction, and facilities, as well as new equipment and club offerings, will be pivotal additions to advancing the iTHINK initiative in Middle School. Students will take a more in-depth step into computer science, coding, and robotics at each grade level as we expand our STEM curriculum and transformational instruction.
    6th Grade Computer Science
    7th Grade Robotics
    8th Grade Computer Science with a focus on coding and HTML
    Middle School Clubs and Competitions
                Tech Club
                Coding Club
                Makerspace (Drone Kits, 3DPrinter, Arduinos)
                LEGO League Robotics (Aug. 2018)

    Upper School Curriculum
    Engineer Your World curriculum – Partnership with curricula by University of Texas at Austin
    AP Mobile Computer Science Principles
    Engineering I Design and Analysis
    Engineering II
    Intro to Programming
    Astronaut Challenge
    Coding at Lockheed Martin
    New Partnerships:
    For Middle and Upper School: FAMU School of Architecture and Engineering and VEX Robotics program.
    The National Science Foundation and its Math-Science Partnership Program.
    The Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas
    The College of Education at the University of Texas
    An International Network of Schools from around the nation and South Korea