Classroom Innovation

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    The Beck Family Research Center is an environmentally friendly Research Center featuring pre-fabricated labs made of repurposed storage containers from SUNdog Containers, the state’s leading home and business container construction specialists.  The smart, sustainable and architecturally innovative design will house three hands-on classrooms where students at Maclay can test and apply skills, conduct research, and explore interdisciplinary connections between the Sciences, the Arts, and the STEM fields.   Opening in September 2018, this innovative design will feature three research labs and a common courtyard.

    iTHINK Lab for Computer Science/Robotics/Engineering 

    The Computer Science, Robotics and Engineering Lab houses all computer science and engineering courses and extracurricular activities such as iTHINK Clubs for Coding and Robotics.  The space will be outfitted with the latest technology from VEX robotics, computers for student use and an area for robot testing.  This pod will also be home to after school activities like the Lower School Robotics Club, Middle School Robotics Club and competitions and Robotics and Engineering Summer Camps.   

    iTHINK Lab for Inspiration and Design

    This innovative space reexamines the idea of a Makerspace by pairing the program with an innovative Art and Design studio. The Inspiration Lab will house pottery wheels, kilns, and photography and digital design tools, including photo backdrops, I-pads, and computers for design work. In this space, students will collaborate on design projects and reexamine the way that the arts can be used for messaging and creation across various disciplines.

    Marie E. Krafft Biomedical Research Laboratory

    This space will be the home of Biomedical Academic Concentration and courses such as Human Anatomy and Physiology, Neuroscience, and  Exercise and Environmental Physiology.  It will and will contain equipment students will use as they explore and apply what they learn in this curriculum focus.  This space also offers a transformative opportunity for students in Science at Maclay School to house their research projects on the campus.  This provides key access to lab spaces and support for student-led research in a secure on-campus setting.  Use of the Research Lab space will also include a requirement for students to share information with the Maclay community about their projects and outcomes, generating excitement for research and providing an opportunity to create messaging and present their scientific work.