What is iTHINK?

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    Read our blog at https://www.maclay.org/Stepping-Into-a-New-World 

    iTHINK is more than STEM, more than STEAM. It's a transformative initiative catapulting our Classrooms, Curriculum, and Campus through hands-on, experiential learning, K-12 programming, and state-of-the-art science labs and services to prepare our students for a world we haven’t even imagined yet.


    A new architecturally innovative, environmentally friendly Research Center will house three hands-on classrooms where students can apply skills, conduct research and explore interdisciplinary connections between the Sciences, the Arts, and the STEM fields.  The iTHINK labs will provide space for BioMed and Student Research, Inspiration and Design, and Computer Science, Robotics, and Engineering.


    An expanded K-12 curriculum, programs, and staffing additions will provide our students with project-based and experiential learning while teaching critical and strategic thinking skills. The addition of Upper School Academic Concentrations in the fields of BioMed, Core Science, and Engineering and Robotics offer our students opportunities to follow their passion and take part in real-life experiences to help them prepare for college and beyond.


    The Center for Innovation and Students Services will be the largest facility addition that Maclay School has undertaken in decades.  The multi-use building will shift the center of campus and become a core hub of student activity, providing state-of-the-art Science Labs, Upper School Administration Offices, College Counseling, and a Student Commons for collaboration and gatherings.