• Ellie and Rachael

Be Determined

  • As a Maclay student, you will develop the confidence and determination to go further by exploring the topics and career paths that spark your interest — all while receiving a creative yet grounded liberal arts education that focuses on the real world application of skills and knowledge. Here, students are at the center of their learning, choosing their direction and examining their talents through:

    • Tailored curriculum: Our data-driven, intentionally designed core curriculum is enhanced by personalized learning paths — courses of study and concentrations that help our students explore future career options or college majors while still in high school.
    • College counseling: The level of guidance and individualized support offered in the Maclay college counseling program is unrivaled — 100% of our graduates are accepted into higher education institutions, and our skilled counselors work with each student to ensure they find the right-fit school.
    • Signature programs: Maclay offers extraordinary experiences and opportunities that take learning beyond the classroom, ensuring students are well-prepared to become confident leaders in their communities.
    • Service learning: Service learning at Maclay focuses on hands-on experiences that connect our students personally with those they serve in order to help them develop a deep sense of responsibility and understanding of what it means to be a good citizen.
    • The Center for Learning: Through assessments, interventions and extra support, Maclay School ensures we are meeting the needs of all learners, regardless of challenges or learning differences.