•  On-line Payment:
          * Contracts are not complete without the 10% tuition deposit.   
    All tuition payments will be made through the FACTS on-line payment system.
      You will need to create yourself an account and use the unique family registration code given in the on-line contract.
    You can always go back and access this information and contract in the Parent Portal
     Please Click Here (https://online.factsmgt.com/register/) to log into the FACTS payment system.
     1. On the FACTS registration page, enter your family registration code that was provided in the Parent Portal on-line contract in red text.
     2.Select to Create a new FACTS account, unless you are a returning family and already have a FACTS tuition account.
    You will be asked to create a username and password, as well as security questions, please keep this information for future use.
    You also have the option to get email reminders for payments.  Please check this box so that you will get a reminder 4 days prior to the next payment date. 
     3.  Next Select the green button to SET UP A PAYMENT PLAN
    4.  Select Begin
    You will see your contact information, if you choose to change any of this, please note this will Not change your information with the school, only the FACTS payment system. 
     5.  The Amount due screen reflects the Total tuition, not the deposit amount due today.  You can select View Details to see the breakdown of deposit and tuition balance.  Then click Next.
    6.  Payment Plan Options screen:
             There are several options on this screen here is an explanation:
                      Immediate Full Pay (Entire Tuition balance today) :
                                     This option will charge you the $15 enrollment fee and
                                     the entire deposit and tuition balance today
                                      (from the payment source you choose) 
                      Scheduled Full Payment :
                                     You will be charged the $15 enrollment fee and
                                     10 percent deposit, and schedule the full payment
                                     of the tuition balance in one payment in August.
                      Semi-Annual Payment Plan: 
                                     You will be charged the $15 enrollment fee and
                                     10 percent deposit, then schedule for
                                     2 equal payments of the tuition balance in August and January.
                       Monthly Payment:
                                  You will be charged the $15 enrollment fee and 10 percent deposit,
                                   then set up 9 scheduled payments starting June 2017. 
    Note there is an additional fee to pay with a credit cardbut no additional transactions fees to pay with a checking account number.
    You will receive an email receipt of this payment and your re-enrollment contract and deposit will now be accepted for review by Maclay Admissions.