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Maclay Leads the Way in Athletic Administration

AD;s The success of Maclay's Athletic Department is well known throughout Florida having gained stature under the direction of long time AD, Bruce Irvin and then by his successor, Scott Eagen.  This year, Eagen has stepped away from athletics and now is the Director of Facilities for Maclay, but the school is still well represented in the world of Athletic Administration as the only school in Florida with three of its administrators holding certification from the National Association of Interscholastic Athletic Administrators (NIAAA).


While still serving as Maclay's AD, Eagen obtained the title of RAA or Registered Athletic Administrator, through his experience as a Maclay Coach and AD, along with taking courses through the national organization.  The RAA is the initial step in certification for an AD and shows a level of professionalism that is recognized at the state and national level.  In moving into the position of Facilities Director, Eagan - as an RAA - is uniquely qualified to keep our fields, courts, locker rooms, and vehicles running at the highest level.


Maclay's Assistant Director of Athletics, Dwan Riggins, recently took her administrative credentials to the next level by completing all of the required coursework, and then sitting for and passing the NIAAA's exam to become a CAA or Certified Athletic Administrator.  The CAA course work includes multiple classes in organization, philosophy, and administration of athletics, plus additional course work in the Legal aspects of athletic administration.  Finally, the exam is a 100-question test that is as challenging as it is comprehensive.  Riggins is now preparing to take additional course work to become a member of the Florida AD's teaching faculty for their Leadership Training Institute.


Finally, our new Director of Athletics, Jake von Scherrer, holds a CMAA, or Certified Master Athletic Administrator title, which is held by less than 4% of all athletic directors in the country.  The CMAA designation is granted after a lengthy process of coursework, testing, and passing of the CAA exam, along with the submission and implementation of an athletic department project that has impacted their students, teams, coaches, parents, and school communities.  In von Scherrer's case, his project revolved around the various ways he helped create an atmosphere of "Great Sportsmanship" through student, coach, and parent-led initiatives at his school.    Parts of his project have been adopted at several schools here in Florida as well as across the country.