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Students Take Part in Local PeaceJam

PeaceJam Last month, Helen Bradshaw, Holly Sims, Lucy Smith, and Robert Willis traveled to Florida State University to take part in this year’s PeaceJam. PeaceJam is an international organization that strives to make the world a better place through cultivation, love, and understanding. Each year, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate is chosen to speak. This year’s speaker was Shirin Ebadi, who was translated by her friend Shirin Ershadi.

There were at least 500 participants and 100 FSU advisors and group leaders. The participants were from as far away as North Carolina and the Florida Keys and the FSU students were from as far away as Iran, Nigeria, and Kazakhstan.


“While we were at PeaceJam, we heard the laureate speak, we worked on service projects, we went to workshops, we heard about other schools' service projects, and we met in family groups, or small discussion groups with kids from other schools,” said 10th grader Holly Sims.


Overall the PeaceJam was a successful event that taught our four students a lot.


“It is important to participate in PeaceJam to further understand your own surroundings. Recognizing the privilege you have is the first step to helping to making the world a better place,” said sophomore Lucy Smith.


“I think PeaceJam is important because it's good to see all the different ways in which people can be an active catalyst for positivity in their community. It was also good to see so many active volunteers from all over the southeast,” said Sims.


Author Meagan Wilkins is a senior in the Direct Independent Studies for Communications and Marketing at Maclay School.