The Dining Hall and Performance Center Renovation




    In evaluating where we are and where we want to be, we know that now is the time to take steps to provide a space for our students that supports our mission by the reconfiguration and improvement of our facility while making significant strides in securing our campus.

    The Dining Hall and Performance Center renovation is a capital project that will maximize the existing space and convert it to versatile multi-use square footage that has a collegiate student union atmosphere. The project will benefit all students PK-12 and will include:

    • Addition of magnetic locking doors and gate to secure campus access 
    • Upgrade Aquatics Facility
    • Expand Dining Area with comfortable seating arrangements
    • Upgrade the Performance Center for meetings, presentations, guest speakers, and performing arts.
    • Build new innovative cafe space for dining, classes, study halls, and team meetings.  

    With your help we've raised nearly $1 million towards our $1.3 million goal.  We will begin construction June 1, 2017 and plan to have the dining area, swim changing rooms, and serving line completed in August. With nearly 3/4 of the funding already secured by donors from the Maclay community, we are looking to our friends and parents to push us across the finish line. Your partnership makes a tremendous difference in moving us forward today and tomorrow.