• FACTS Tuition Management is the system Maclay School uses for tuition payment.
    • You create a FACTS tuition agreement when enrolling your child and paying the tuition deposit. 
    • During the initial registration with FACTS you are given the option to get payment notifications by email.
    • It is highly recommended to select to get these notifications.  This will send you an email 4 days prior to the next payment being charged to your account.
    If you missed selecting this, are unsure if you selected it, or want ot add text notifications as well you can do this by logging back into your FACTS account at: www.factsmgt.com
     Once logged in Select My Profile on the menu bar:
    Next Choose Text Alerts to enter your cell number, * Do this before clicking Edit button
    On the Text Alert Screen, verify the cell phone number to get the alerts, and check the box to get Payment Reminders
    Now Click Edit for Communications Settings and you will now be able to check both email and text reminders.