Middle School Academics

  • The academic offerings, listed below for each grade level, stress the importance of study skills as well as the ms content of the discipline.  Most students take an introductory course in French, Latin, and Spanish in the sixth grade; and then students may choose to study either French, Latin, or Spanish beginning in the seventh grade.  Students have a choice of Band or Wheel for their Enrichment period.  Students will be grouped in Mathematics according to their individual needs.  The daily schedule provides for seven classes each day, break, lunch, and a homeroom.


    A student may not repeat for credit any course which he or she has passed. 


    Students wishing to take courses that are above their grade level must take a placement exam.


    Special Course Offerings

    Upper School courses taken in Middle School are credited in the following ways: 


    The following courses taken in Middle School--Algebra I, French I, Latin I, or Spanish I--count only toward Upper School distribution requirements, not toward the credit total, nor are the grades averaged into their Upper School GPA.  Such courses, however, will be listed on transcripts in a way which satisfies state requirements for math and foreign language.  For example, a student who has completed Spanish I in Middle School need take only Spanish II to complete the language requirement. However, this student will have to take an additional unit of academic elective, not necessarily in Spanish. 


    If Middle School students are enrolled in Geometry, the course will be considered an Upper School Pre-AP level credit.  The grades received for these courses will be averaged into their Upper School GPA and will be recorded on college transcripts.

B.L.U.E. Classes

  • Middle School is a time for students to explore and experiment with new activities so they can discover new passions and talents.  The B.L.U.E. Classes (Balance of Learning, Understanding, and Exploring) or the  Enrichment courses expose students to a wide variety of topics including the arts, theatre, computer science, robotics, expressions, logic, and life skills.  

    Click here for a full list of B.L.U.E. Classes


Flex Period/Homeroom

  • Maclay Middle School students take seven academics classes and then conclude the day with FLEX/Homeroom. This period offers many opportunities for students including advising, study hall, special speakers, club meetings, free time, teacher assistance, and assemblies.  FLEX period helps students find time and balance in their schedules.