Middle School Academics

  • Maclay Middle School: Setting a Personalized Path to Success

    Maclay Middle School students grow through challenge, and through these experiences, they develop character, compassion, respect, and honor. Maclay students become not only strong learners but also purposeful citizens.

    Maclay Knows Middle School Students

    Through our approach and curriculum, we meet the changing physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of our Middle School students, providing a seamless and supportive transition from Lower School.

    A Creative, Robust, Real-Life Curriculum

    Middle School students study language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and world languages. They also participate in physical education classes and explore enrichment courses in art, theatre, computer science, robotics, expressions, life skills, and logic.

    By helping students build and reinforce skills, organize knowledge, work well in groups, gain independence, and explore a multitude of topics and activities, Maclay Middle School prepares young students for the next level of learning.


Flex Period/Homeroom

  • Maclay Middle School students take seven academic classes and then conclude the day with FLEX/Homeroom. This period offers many opportunities for students, including advising, study hall, special speakers, club meetings, free time, teacher assistance, and assemblies.  FLEX period helps students find time and balance in their schedules.