General Information


    Parents dropping off their children in the morning or picking them up in the afternoon are asked to use the designated discharge and pick-up lanes in front of the Middle School. Please do not block traffic. The speed limit on campus is 15 M.P.H. at all times.


    Parents should not drop off their children in the parking lot, but should use the drive-through drop-off lanes. Parents dropping students in the parking lot create a parking problem for teachers trying to get to their parking spaces and create a dangerous situation for their children.


    The Dining Hall offers a full lunch service daily, with a hot food line, and a salad bar. Marauder Meals will offer real fruit smoothies and a variety of items à la carte. Some of these items are fresh fruit, yogurt, raisins, and granola bars. Individually wrapped ice cream desserts will also be available. Drink choices include juice, water, white and chocolate milk, PowerAde, tea, lemonade, and raspberry tea. Menus will be available on the Maclay website. There are two ways to pay for lunch. Students can pay using either cash or their established biometric accounts. The forms needed to establish students’ biometric accounts can be found on the Maclay School website. Please be aware that students who charge lunch causing their account balance to go negative will be subject to a 15% fee per transaction. Additionally, all accounts having a negative balance of $20 or more will be disabled until the account is brought current.


    Students in Grades 6 to 8 are assigned individual lockers with a lock. Any abuse of the locker will subject the student to a fine for damages, to loss of the lock, or to punishment for vandalism. Students are urged to keep their lockers locked to protect their belongings. No student should change locks on his or her locker without permission from the Head of Middle School. A master key for locks whose combinations have been lost is filed with the Head of School's office. The school has an absolute right to perform a search and seizure of a student and his/her locker or possessions. A student who loses a lock must pay a $5.00 replacement charge