A Typical Day in the Life of a Pre-K 4 Year Old at Maclay

  • Pre-K 4 Day (7:50-8:30)


    7:50-8:30:  Arrival- Children are greeted with a warm welcome and smile.  They perform their morning jobs – put away their snack bag, lunch box, school bag and then sign their name in the attendance notebook.  When finished, they can choose a table or floor activity.


    8:30-9:00:  Circle Time- the leader of the day leads the class through the morning routine including calendar activities, counting, and saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  The class participates in whole group games, listens to a story, sings and dances and enjoys show and tell during this time too.


    9:00-9:45:  Center Time is a time for creative play and exploration as well as differentiated instruction.  Centers include: blocks, imaginative play, science, art, games and more.


    9:45-10:15:  Snack


    10:15-11:15:  Outside play on our Pre-K playground complete with bikes, scooters, small gardens, play house, large waffle blocks, chalk boards, sand box, and climbing equipment.


    11:15-11:45:  Special Areas including art, music, science lab, library and Spanish


    11:45-12:05:  Dismissal


    Stay & Play (12:00-2:45) optional


    12:00-1:00:  Lunch/Games- children enjoy their lunch packed from home or one from our very own Marauder Meals in the classroom with their teacher and assistant.  After lunch children can read a book or play with a game.


    1:00-2:00:  Quiet Time – Children snuggle on their rest mats for some rest while listening to soothing music or books on tape


    2:00-2:45:  Outside play, differentiated instruction and/or free play in the classroom


    2:45-3:05:  Dismissal


    Kids Club (3:00-6:00)


    Children may stay with trained teachers in the Pre-K building until 6:00.  They play on the playground, read stories, eat snack, and participate in music and art activities.


    • Pre-K students go on many field trips throughout the year including Young Actors’ Theatre, fires station, local museums, assisted living homes, farms and more.
    • Pre-K students also participate in school-wide events- pep rallies, homecoming festivities, play & orchestra performances and more.
    • Pre-K students each have a buddy from the lower school that they meet with monthly.