• Lower School Art

    The Lower School Visual Arts program serves the entire student population, Pre K-4 through the fifth grade. Students receive 30-45 minutes a week of art instruction. Students are provided with the opportunity to experience a variety of media art techniques. The artistic process intrinsically teaches students to innovate, problem solve, think critically, and work collaboratively with others. Through weekly art classes, students are encouraged to observe and analyze content to construct meaning across the curriculum.
    Middle School Art
    The Middle School Visual Arts program offers classes as part of a block scedule. Each Visual Arts class is a semster long class. All students are presented with opportunities to enter various art competitions throughout the year. At the middle school level, students are introduced to a wider variety of art experiences. Building on the elementary foundation, students continue exposure to the masters through art history and are introduced to a variety of mediums. There is continued focus on exercising a working knowledge of the elements of art, the principles of design, and how to apply these tools to their individual creations. The young artist gains confidence in critical thinking skills in order to create stronger compositions in drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, glass, ceramics, and other 3-D art works with our studio facilities being equipped to provide instruction in many divergent and differentiated ways. We have a spiraling curriculum that flows through each division thus preparing our middle school artist for their high school art experience.
    Upper School Art
    We offer a range of art classes for varying levels of artists. The Introduction to Art classes are designed to present the discovery and exploration aspects of art education. The students will be having fun while they are learning about the principles and elements of design. The Advanced Placement Studio Art class is to work toward a mastery of a particular medium and/or philosophy of art. The students can choose to create either a Drawing or 2D Design Portfolio to submit. This class requires a larger commitment from the student. Maclay also offers courses in Ceramics & Digital Photography. The Digital Photography course is an introduction to the fundamentals of digital photography. It is designed to introduce, broaden and refine photographic skills, both technically and aesthetically.
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