Center for Learning

  • Welcome to the Center for Learning! The Center for Learning at Maclay strives to be the premier center for the provision of support services and supplementary education in the Big Bend region. Services provided by the Center for Learning are not covered by tuition and have an additional cost. Call us at (850) 907-1401 or email us at for more information.

     Support Services refers to any activity that supports struggling students and students with disabilities to succeed within Maclay’s rigorous academic curriculum.

     Supplementary Education refers to any learning opportunities for students that are not included in the general curriculum.

     What We Do for ALL Students:

    • We collect data from multiple sources including meeting with teachers and parents, conducting classroom observations and providing informal assessments to help identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses.
    • Based upon this data, we make recommendations to parents and teachers to help individualize the curriculum to best meet the student’s needs.
    • We offer free peer tutoring services for Middle School students after school through the Beta Academic Resource Center (BARC). 
    • We offer free peer tutoring services for Upper School students after school through the Maclay Academic Resource Center (MARC). 
    • We coordinate all tutoring and supplementary education on Maclay’s campus.

     What We Do for Students with Disabilities:

    • We coordinate with parents and local psychologists to ensure that students who are suspected of having a disability receive a psycho-educational evaluation and we offer financial aid to families for whom the cost of these evaluations is burdensome.
    • We write Accommodation Plans for students who require accommodations to level the playing field between them and their non-disabled peers.
    • We offer targeted academic interventions for students who have been diagnosed with a learning disability or those who have been identified as a student of concern.

     What We Do for Our Teachers:

    • We provide professional development opportunities for our faculty throughout the year.

     What We Do for Parents:

    • We are building a parent resource library so that parents can delve more deeply into issues that affect their children and their families
    • We offer a monthly parent resource group in which topics of interest are discussed and opportunities for guidance and support from other parents are available.


  • Summer Hours:

    8:00-6:00 Monday-Thursday. We are closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

    School Year Hours:

    7:45-4:30 Mondays-Thursdays. 7:30-3:15 Fridays, and by appointment.

    Although we are currently unable to do so due to the capacity of our staff, it is our goal to offer CFL services to both Maclay Students and non-Maclay students during the evenings and on weekends in the future.