Marauder Sportsmanship


    Sportsmanship is an often-used word, yet no definitive explanation is readily available. However, it definitely includes some key concepts:
    • Integrity
    • Respect for Opponents and Officials
    • Fair Play
    • Understanding the Rules
    • Appreciation for all Performances
    • Personal and Institutional Pride
    • Gracious Acceptance of Results
    • High Moral Character

    All these concepts fall into the definition of sportsmanship. They all represent the standards which athletics can teach our students, coaches, and spectators. Citizenship is a companion of sportsmanship, reaching out beyond the playing field and stadium into the community. Citizenship can be described as the way an individual participates in the community, with particular emphasis on self-respect, personal responsibility, and respect for others. Good sportsmanship and citizenship are key to the public's perception of interscholastic athletics and its role in the educational system. Athletic programs show a positive and productive part of the total education program offered by a school, and exhibit the justification for the financial expenditures necessary to run these programs.