Fundraising Guidelines

  • Maclay is mindful of the numerous requests and expectations of the school’s supporters to contribute money in addition to the cost of tuition; consequently, there is a set limit to the number of approved fundraisers conducted each year. The Maclay Advancement Office will use its best efforts to accommodate the needs of each departments and/or organization’s fundraising needs consistent with the overall advancement plan and defined School priorities and needs. 

    At Maclay, our guidelines suggest three types of fundraisers:

    Category 1: Fundraisers benefitting the entire school  Examples include, but are not limited to: The Maclay Fund,   Capital Campaign, Maclay Auction

    Category 2: Fundraisers benefitting specific school programs, groups or organizations  Examples include, but are not limited to: booster clubs, MPO, student clubs, honor societies 

    Category 3: Fundraisers benefitting other Non-profits/Community Service agencies*  Examples include, but are not limited to: Children' Miracle Network, United Way, Boys Town

    *Our desire is to move our students towards a culture of providing service if appropriate, not necessarily dollars furthering our mission to prepare well-balanced students able to meet the future challenges of higher education, service to others, and life, with wisdom and fortitude.

    Maclay School Guidelines for Fundraising Activities


    • Limit the number of overall “asks” per fiscal year by encouraging groups to a single selective fundraiser.
    • Coordinate a master calendar of fundraisers that take in to account product, other events on campus,   volunteer hours, etc. (ex: one Boston Butt or t-shirt fundraiser)
    • Ensure funds are raised for identified priorities of the school
    • To assist our groups, clubs, teams, and organizations in assessing and successfully accomplishing a shared fundraising goal (s).


    1. Contact the appropriate Division Head/Athletic Director for approval at least 4 weeks prior to request
    2. Submit Fundraising Proposal form to Advancement Director for review.  Forms can be submitted on-line at

    Information on the form requires: 

          a.   the need and purpose of the fundraiser
          b.   amount to be raised
          c.   timing of solicitation
          d.   audience to be solicited (current parents, alumni, community, grandparents, etc)
          e.   requested manner of solicitations (telephone, email, direct mail, door-to-door)
    After review, the Advancement Director will contact the person making the request regarding approval or concerns.  If approved, groups will then need to contact Communications Director regarding promotion schedule in weekly e-news and fundraising page of Maclay website.  Please note: Only Category 1 fundraisers that benefit the entire school body will be promoted by individual emails.

    Before submitting a proposal, please review the following:

    All fundraising activities are coordinated through Maclay Advancement Office and require pre-approval by the Division Head/Athletic Director and Director of Advancement

    All potential corporate sponsors for fundraisers must have prior approval from Advancement Office.

    For the safety of our children and parents, no fundraising may be done in the car pickup/drop-off line of the Lower or Middle School.

    Under no circumstance may faculty or coaches directly pursue outside sources for support of School- related activities without prior approval.

    Families who wish to make special gifts should be directed to the Advancement Director.  (Please brief the Advancement Director in advance of any impending calls).

    The Board respectfully asks that all requests for funds cease between June 15 and August 15.

    For questions or more information, contact the Director of Advancement Carri Smith at (850) 893-8465 or