Maclay Freshman Academy

  • fa The Maclay Upper School recognizes the many new academic and social expectations for all students transitioning into high school. Sometimes the transition can be difficult. The Freshman Academy at Maclay School helps provide all freshmen with tools to help them get on the right path for a successful high school career and prepared for college.  Director, Angela Croston meets individually with each freshman several times throughout the school year and monitors the academic progress of students while offering support for a successful transition. The Academy focuses is on six areas: 

    • Preparing for the academic demands of the Upper School
    • Providing 21st-century skills needed for success beyond high school
    • Incorporating study skills and strategies
    • Promoting, providing, and supporting social skills
    • Establishing positive relationships with teachers, administrators, and peers
    • Providing academic advising

    Maclay School offers unique experiences throughout the year. Some are learning opportunities and class bonding, while some are just plain fun!

    Freshman Orientation: On the Thursday before school starts, all freshman participate in an orientation that includes campus and classroom tours, games, sessions on organization and study skills and lunch. 

    Class Meetings: Class meetings are held several times a year and often include speakers who talk about study skills, social media responsibility, and character development.

    College Counseling: Each freshman student will have the support of an academic advisor who will help with course selection, academic support, and exploration into colleges and universities that he or she wants to.

    Freshman Challenge: The Freshman Challenge is an overnight trip September 17-18. It is a great trip for students to bond and have fun. Teamwork, games, and problem solving are entertaining ways that this trip makes one of the most memorable in the students’ high school career.

    The Freshman Academy provides each student with individualized academic assistance by utilizing a “team” approach to instruction and guidance. Each freshman teacher and freshman advisor will work as a team to monitor and identify the strengths, weakness, and needs of each student. We are here to see that all freshmen are given support, guidance, and encouragement to be successful.

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