jr In 2014, Maclay’s Head of School James Milford began the conversation with the Maclay Parents Organization and the Maclay Alumni Association about ways to help prepare Maclay’s students for the critical moments they face preparing for college like interviewing for scholarships and eventually jobs.

    On February 25, 2015, Maclay School launched the first of three Junior Interview Series dates as part of the on-going initiative to connect Maclay students with local alumni and community members. 

    “By engaging the Maclay alumni and other Tallahassee leaders who work in various professions, we begin preparing our students for future scholarships, college, and eventual job interviews with actual interview experience,” Milford said.  “It’s another way to give our students a leg up on a very competitive college admissions process and help prepare them for their futures.”

    What is the Junior Interview Series? 
     The students are provided with information in several meetings on how best to prepare for an interview including howInter to dress and greet the interviewer, answer questions, and follow-up.  Juniors also visit the Florida State University Career Center to learn resume skills and get tips on putting their best foot forward in an interview.   After several meetings to practice one-on-one and online skills for potential Skype interviews, the students get a chance to officially meet with a volunteer interviewer two to three times including one Skype interview.  Community volunteers who come in as interviewers are given evaluation sheets so that they can provide immediate feedback to the students and offer helpful tips.
    The Junior Interview Series has brought over 100 professionals, including alumni, parents, and professionals from the community for the program.


    The Junior Interview Series has been endowed and named in honor or Jeffrey Alan Gabor, grandfather to six Maclay students and graduates.  Mr. Gabor passed away a little over 11 years ago and was a long time resident of Tallahassee, making indelible marks in the community.  His spirit continues through the generosity and stewardship of his family.