• Students in grade levels participating in our iPad one to one program are required to have an a Apple ID for a child under the age of 13.  Apple has a special Apple ID for anyone under 13.


    Apple will only allow this Child Apple ID to be created as part of their Family Sharing.  This means you first need an Apple ID as a parent, then withing Apple Family Sharing, create an Apple ID for a Child.

    Note, a child Apple ID can only be created as an @icloud.com address.
    Please follow the steps in these articles:

    (if you already have a parent Apple ID) Family Sharing, add Apple ID for child under 13:


    (If you as a parent do not yet have an Apple ID) Here is how a parent can create an Apple ID through iTunes on either a computer or the iPad.


    If the parent would like to set one up without entering credit card information, they can follow the steps in this article.



    When creating the Apple ID, please be sure to follow these rules for creating the password: at least 7 characters long, has Upper, lower and numbers, does not contain any part of the student's name.  This is important as we will use the same password for all of the student's accounts.

    ** The final step is to log into the parent portal ( https://school.maclay.org )

    On the Student Access page enter the Apple ID and password you created so we can finish creating the rest of the student's accounts.

    The rest of the information about the iPad can be entered any time prior to the start of school.

    An itunes gift card can be added to the student's account by opening the App store on the device the new student's Apple ID is on and go to the Featured page in App store.  Scroll to bottom and tap Redeem.  Here you can enter the gift card account number.  Most of the apps and content the students will use is provided by the school with purchase.  The gift card funds are used for any individual needed Apps for individual projects or content for extra help.